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The scandal with digital tourism currency TourismX is gaining momentum in Turkey

Digital travel currency TourismX (TRMX) is listed on the MEXC cryptocurrency exchange. The initiator was the President of the World Tourism Forum, Bulut Bagci, and it is his victims who are now accusing him of fraud. The idea is based on investing in international tourism projects. It is envisaged that buyers could use TRMX to pay for individual travel elements, such as flights or hotels.

However, now those who took part in this project are criticizing the ministers of the Turkish government and even the president of the country for their inaction. Various representatives of Turkish society decided to invest in the TourismX project — from civil servants to freelancers — but instead of profit, they said, they suffered huge losses.

The essence of the claims of the TourismX project participants was outlined by lawyer Ahmed Keshli. According to his calculations, there are not even hundreds of victims of tourist currency fraud, but thousands. Moreover, victims from other countries are also trying to turn to Turkish lawyers to represent their interests in court. Victims believe that Bulut Bagci transferred up to 80% of the funds from the purchase of TRMX to the accounts of his relatives.

Ahmed Kashli clarifies that in total the participants of the TourismX project invested millions of dollars in it. Moreover, some contributed quite significant amounts — up to 600 thousand dollars. Among the victims are foreign institutions, for example, the Chadian Ministry of Tourism. The lawyer compared what was happening to well-known cryptocurrency scams. According to Ahmet Kesli, Bulut Bagci does not currently live in Turkey and is a fugitive from justice.

The Chadian government is also asking for the money back. We are talking about 150 million Chadian francs (about 500 thousand dollars). The funds were received in two payments from the National Hotel Management Company SONEXHO. The letter clarifies that the terms of payment do not meet the requirements of the contract, so the money must be returned.

Meanwhile, Bulut Bagci himself continues to actively inform his audience on social networks about negotiations and the impending conclusion of new contracts with ministries and departments of different countries. World Tourism Forum events continue to take place around the world. Among their visitors are high-ranking officials. However, some sources claim that Bulut Bagci is no longer associated with an international brand well-known in the tourism industry.

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