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Creator of “digital tourism coin” arrested in Turkey

As Turizm Guncel reports, a major scandal has erupted around the “digital tourism coin” TourismX (TRMX). The creator of this cryptocurrency, Bulut Bagci, a Turkish citizen and former head of the World Tourism Forum Institute, was arrested for fraud.

Bagci used his fame and photographs with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to win the trust of tourists. He claimed that his coin was a “travel bitcoin” and could be used to pay for various services, including hotels and airline tickets.

As a result, Bagchi deceived about 5,000 people, creating a classic financial pyramid. The total amount of money stolen is about $15 million. Using the stolen funds, the fraudster purchased movable and immovable property for himself, his relatives, and close friends.

The Istanbul Prosecutor General’s Office has already begun an investigation into the case. It is expected that the number of victims of fraudsters will increase.

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