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The capital of Greece has new rules of the road

In the center of the Greek capital Athens, there is a new car traffic system, which provides for the alternation of cars with even and odd numbers.

According to the Dactilios system, a ring surrounding the central part of the city, from October 25, 2021, cars with registration numbers ending in even numbers have access to the center of Athens only on even days of the month, and those ending in odd numbers are allowed to move only in odd numbers. days.

In Athens, this event runs from 07:00 to 20:00 Monday to Thursday and on Fridays from 07:00 to 15:00. The restrictions will last until August 2022, and in case of violation a fine of 100 euros will be imposed.

Traffic control measures introduced in the center of Athens apply to all cars. Exceptions are allowed for cars with foreign registration for the first 40 days from the moment of their entry into Greece. Certificate of residence of the car in Greece is carried out on the form for entry into the country, which is filled in by the owner of the car PLF.

Electric and hybrid cars are also excluded from the restriction, gas or propane-butane, but only factory-made. This measure also does not apply to cars that meet the Euro 6 standard, which emit less than 120 g of carbon dioxide. Owners of such cars can get permission to move freely through the city center in the form of a digital card.

Exceptions are also trucks and trucks up to 2.2 tons, cars of doctors and medical staff, people with disabilities, NGOs and diplomatic missions.

Restrictions are aimed at reducing environmental pollution and congestion in the city center. Currently, tolls in the center of Athens are not charged.

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