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A rating of the 10 most visited cities in Europe has been compiled

The top 10 most visited European cities by tourists were calculated and presented in the European media by experts from the Statista agency in honor of World Tourism Day. We are talking about statistics from last year. If the leadership of Paris is quite predictable, then it is surprising in its way that such undoubtedly popular cities as Rome, Venice, Berlin, and Prague were not included in the list.

Below is the entire Top 10:

  1. Paris – 19.4 million tourists visited the city in 2022. Some of the busiest places include the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and Notre Dame.
  2. London showed a result of 16.1 million tourists. The city attracts not only with its textbook set of Tower and Big Ben but also with its vibrant nightlife, the compilers of the rating assure.
  3. Istanbul, Turkey – the Turkish “cultural capital” on the border of Europe and Asia fell just short of second place – it was visited by 16 million.
  4. Barcelona – 9.8 million tourists
  5. Valencia – 8.6 million tourists
  6. Budapest – 6.9 million tourists
  7. Madrid – 6 million tourists
  8. Athens – 5.5 million tourists
  9. Lisbon – 5.4 million tourists
  10. Amsterdam – the city received 5 million tourists and this, as researchers note, “caused problems in the capital of the Netherlands.”

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