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Passenger vandalizes terminal in Spain after missing plane

A passenger from the Irish airline Ryanair missed his flight and vandalized the terminal at Palma airport on the Spanish island of Mallorca. The incident was caught on video, which was shared by Ultima Hora.

A man who missed his flight to Gran Canaria went on a rampage and attacked Ryanair staff at the boarding gate.

The indignant passenger tore off his T-shirt and began throwing furniture around him. First, he threw the computer at the wall, then a chair, a printer, and other objects.

This was the end of his anger: he burst into the women’s bathroom, breaking a mirror, and injured himself on the chest and stomach with fragments.

The six security guards managed to restrain the angry man. After this, he was handed over to the police: first, he was given medical assistance, and then taken to the police station for subsequent detention.

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