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The British drank all the alcohol on the plane to Turkey in 25 minutes

“We weren’t prepared for how much they were drinking!” — this is what the crew of the Turkish airline said. According to them, tourists drink all their alcohol within 25 minutes after takeoff. Turkish airline SunExpress has complained about British tourists flying to Dalaman, Marmaris, Antalya, and other Turkish resorts.

According to the Daily Star, the airline’s management said that on the first British flight, passengers drank so much alcohol that there was simply none left on board. As the airline’s chief executive Max Kownacki has said, British tourists are, to put it mildly, more “hedonistic” than our European counterparts and spend a lot more money.

“On one golf flight, all the alcohol was consumed. This has never happened on any flight from other countries outside Britain. We sold out of beer and wine within 25 minutes of departure; we haven’t done this in any other market,” he said.

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