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It turned out that a fight in a hotel in Hurghada broke out due to the fact that tourists were served donkey meat in a restaurant

Another reason for the possible mass fight in the Hurghada Hotel was revealed by the Egyptian media. There were reports in the media that a fight broke out in a hotel in Hurghada because donkey meat was served to tourists in a restaurant. However, the fact of “donkey meat” in the publication “Sky News Arabia” is denied by local authorities.

The information itself was launched by social networks – they began to mass reproduce photos and posts that there was a quarrel in the restaurant of the hotel on the territory of the tourist complex in Hurghada due to the distribution of donkey meat to guests. Including the packaging of the scandalous product, as well as receipts for it. Earlier, a video of a mass fight among tourists in a hotel in Hurghada was published, during which tourists destroyed the restaurant.

However, Red Sea Governorate Media Adviser Muhammad Makhlouf said that Red Sea Governor Major General Amr Hanafi ordered the formation of a committee of concerned authorities headed by veterinary medicine and the office of the Ministry of Tourism in the governorate to inspect the meat in the restaurant of this hotel as soon as possible. And this committee did not find donkey meat.

“A veterinary examination revealed that the meat in the hotel’s restaurant is frozen buffalo meat imported from India and has a valid expiry date and is fit for human consumption and that it does not correspond to what was spread about the presence of donkey meat, which is served to hotel guests,” officials reported.

We will also remind you about the fight itself. A video from a resort hotel in Hurghada, filmed a fragment of a brutal mass fight of tourists vacationing there. The guests found out about the relationship and threw chairs at each other, as a result of which the hotel restaurant was destroyed and several people were injured. Men fought with their fists, threw chairs at rivals, and guests who became involuntary witnesses of fights shouted, hid or ran out of the establishment in panic. At first, the employees tried to disperse the angry guests, but she realized that they were too aggressive and did not hear anyone. It was clarified that the most affected were not the “fighters” themselves, although they also had injuries, but the catering establishment: broken glass facades, damaged furniture and dishes. At the same time, the participants of the pogrom suffered minor injuries. The employees were also lucky – they suffered minor injuries. It was clarified that the administration did not call the police, the conflict was settled by reconciliation of the parties. At the same time, in the video, “screams in Russian can be heard.” Read the details at the link.

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