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A large-scale conflict occurred in a Turkish hotel: hotel staff beat tourists using chairs, striking the heads

A mass brawl broke out at a hotel in Turkey between tourists and staff, where hotel staff used chairs as weapons, striking guests on their heads. Capturing this episode on the video of the phone of one of the guests, he posted the recording on social networks, shocking many viewers.

The incident likely took place on July 31 at the Mirage World Hotel in Icmeler, near the resort town of Marmaris. However, the video did not appear online until August, according to the Daily Mail. The footage shows the vacationers engaging in a violent brawl with hotel staff. The main part of the participants in the fight turned out to be British tourists.

According to reports from social media, the conflict began between a British tourist and one of the hotel staff, which involved his young relative. The quarrel quickly escalated into a fight, and in response, a dozen hotel employees came into conflict, using chairs as weapons. Several other British tourists also tried to protect their compatriots. The fight scenes were chaotic, with chairs being thrown and screaming. In one case, a staff member threw a chair that hit one of the hikers in the head, as seen on video. In response to this, the British tourist also threw a chair.

James Brown’s song “Get Up (I Feel Like Being a) Sex Machine” can be heard in the background of the video, adding to the atmosphere of chaos. The video operator appears to be enjoying the situation, laughing off-screen and commenting on the events. The video quickly went viral as many netizens expressed their outrage at the vicious fight. One commenter wrote: “I hope these employees have been fired.”

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