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A mass fight broke out in a Turkish hotel: hotel workers beat tourists on the head with chairs

A Turkish hotel became the site of “showdowns” between tourists and staff: a mass fight broke out, while employees hit guests on the head with chairs. This moment, like the entire fight, was recorded by the phone camera of one of the guests. The shocking footage captured in the video left many viewers in shock.

The events probably unfolded on July 31 at the Mirage World Hotel in Icmeler, near the resort town of Marmaris, but the video was published on social media only in August, the Daily Mail reported. In the footage, vacationers could be seen getting into a severe fight with the hotel staff. As it turned out later, mainly British tourists took part in the fight.

The starting point of the conflict, according to reports on the Internet, was a dispute between a British vacationer and a hotel employee, after one of the employees allegedly hit a 15-year-old English girl on the buttocks.

As a result of the quarrel, the traveler started a fight. Soon, a group of ten of his colleagues stood up for the hotel representative: they aggressively attacked the British man, using chairs as weapons. At the same time, several British vacationers rushed to help their compatriots. They fought with their feet and hands, and screams were heard. At one point, one of the employees even threw a chair at a tourist and hit him in the head, which was captured on video. Then the Briton threw a chair in response.

The sounds of Get Up (I Feel Like Being a) Sex Machine by James Brown can be heard in the background of the riots, adding an atmosphere of chaos to the events. Meanwhile, the cameraman appeared to be enjoying the chaotic scenes, laughing off-screen and repeating “Oh, they’ve got the chair” repeatedly.

The post quickly went viral on Facebook, with many outraged users quick to share their impressions of the brutal fight. One of them wrote: “I hope they are all fired.”

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