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A video of a mass fight of tourists in a hotel in Hurghada has been published

A video has appeared from a resort hotel in Hurghada, which captured a fragment of a brutal mass fight among tourists vacationing there. The guests found out about the relationship and threw chairs at each other, as a result of which the hotel restaurant was destroyed and several people were injured. Eyewitnesses recorded what was happening on video phones and posted it on social networks, the Egyptian publication Mz-mz reported.

Footage from the scene caused a stir. Two groups of people engaged in a fierce battle – men fought with fists, threw chairs at rivals, and guests who became involuntary witnesses of the fights shouted, hid or ran out of the establishment in panic.

At first, the employees tried to disperse the angry guests, but she realized that they were too aggressive and did not hear anyone. It was clarified that the most affected were not the “fighters” themselves, although they also had injuries, but the catering establishment: broken glass facades, damaged furniture and dishes. At the same time, the participants of the pogrom suffered minor injuries. The employees were also lucky – they suffered minor injuries. It was clarified that the administration did not call the police, the conflict was regulated by the reconciliation of the parties.

As it later became known from messages on social networks, the fight occurred due to a misunderstanding between travelers who could not agree on the allocation of rooms. Insults inevitably led to a physical confrontation. At the same time, the local mass media did not mention the nationality of the tourists who staged a mass massacre in the hotel. However, screams in Russian can be heard on the video.

A few days ago, a similar incident occurred in one of the cafes at the same resort. Young people who couldn’t share a burger got into a fight. As a result of the event, the establishment was destroyed, the owners are calculating the material damage. Information about the nationalities of the tourists who participated in the fight was also not disclosed.

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