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It is recommended to completely ban sea cruises

An urgent recommendation to completely ban sea cruises from the German Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The reason for the tough decision was the tense situation with the coronavirus, even among those vaccinated. This was reported by German media.

Despite the fact that cruise companies have managed to take most of their fleet to sea, following detailed hygiene protocols or tours in which only vaccinated tourists can participate, the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs has decided to leave cruise ships risky, even for passengers with anti-vaccination.

For example, transatlantic cruises are popular among German tourists. For example, a 21-day cruise from the port of Hamburg to the port of Buenos Aires, or an 11-day cruise from Germany to Western and Southern Europe – via the UK, France, Spain, Portugal and Italy.

But with virtually every country in the world still suffering from the Covid 19 pandemic, travel and border traffic could contribute to the rapid spread of the crown virus in Germany and the emergence of new foci of infection.

The agency said that in the event of a shipwreck, foreign authorities could quarantine the ship, “so sea cruises are not recommended.”

On the other hand, the German travel warning does not apply to river cruises in Europe and the Schengen area or cruises departing from German ports and returning to Germany without stopping at another port.

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