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A Place for corpses: a cruise ship employee told the shocking truth about sweet parties

A former cruise ship employee told the creepy truth about why the ship’s crew throws ice cream parties for passengers, the New York Post reports.

According to Tucker, who worked as a singer on the ship for several seasons, each such ship has its morgue, designed for 4–5 bodies, in case one of the passengers dies during the cruise.

“When more people die than the number for which the morgue is designed, the crew urgently empties the freezers, for example, organizes parties with free ice cream for passengers,” says the woman who notes that she worked on a luxury liner, where the main contingent was elderly people. Hence, deaths during travel are not uncommon.

The singer posted a video with the shocking truth on her TikTok page. It went viral and received over 2.3 million views.

Many users decided that the woman was “being creepy” and was telling lies, but doctors with experience working on cruise ships confirmed Tucker’s words.

“Cruise ship medic here. I can confirm the morgue and ice cream connection,” wrote Corey L. Backer.

“This can happen on military ships as well. We didn’t have a morgue on board, so if someone died or we had to transport a body, it meant that the crew would be well fed because the freezers had to be emptied,” he commented Navy veteran.

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