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Tourists began to be offered a “nudist cruise” for $33,000

A new offer is available to tourists — now they can go on a nudist cruise. Vacationers will be able to swim naked, as well as visit tropical islands. The Daily Star tabloid reports this.

The ship is called the Big Naked Boat and plans to sail to the Bahamas in 2025. A show program will be prepared for vacationers, which will include water sports. Room rates start from $2,000 and reach $33,000. It all depends on the cabin class and the selected package.

Guests on a nudist cruise will be asked to follow a few rules. For example, they will not be allowed to wear underwear or outrageous clothing. In addition, in dining areas, guests will be required to “cover their breasts, buttocks and genitals.” It is also not allowed to photograph or videotape anyone without consent.

The ship, as the publication writes, can accommodate 2,300 people. On the ship’s premises, restaurants are serving French, Italian, Brazilian, and Asian cuisine, as well as a spa, shops, evening bars, and a casino.

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