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Flight attendants kicked a passenger out of the plane because they didn’t like her face

The passenger was asked to leave the liner because the crew members mistook eczema on her face for monkeypox. The girl shared the story in a video on TikTok – the video, which received hundreds of thousands of views, and drew the attention of the Daily Star.

According to the author of the video, Jacqueline Ngu (Jacqueline Ngu), she was supposed to fly with the American air carrier Spirit Airlines. However, when the girl boarded, the flight attendants wanted to kick the tourist out of the plane, as they did not like the inflammation on Ngu’s face – they mistook it for smallpox.

Despite the traveler’s explanation that eczema is non-contagious, airline employees said they would only allow Ngu to fly if they presented medical evidence of the disease. Nevertheless, the girl managed to prove the mistake of the flight attendants – she presented a tube of the remedy prescribed to her by the doctors.

The tourist captioned her video: “Disinformation leads to discrimination and hostility. People with conspicuous, non-contagious skin conditions experience this.” The traveler admitted that she had been suffering from skin disease since childhood, but in her entire life, she had never been humiliated like on an airplane. The girl also recommended that the airline management force the staff to learn the differences between different diseases.

The publication notes the difference between the two diseases. So, eczema is a non-contagious skin disease characterized by dry, flaky skin, redness, and sometimes ulcers. While monkeypox is a tropical viral infection transmitted through close contact. Symptoms include a rash that turns into small blisters.

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