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Everything will be confiscated from Russian tourists: Germany refused to make exceptions for incoming Russians

Germany began to impeccably comply with EU requirements regarding Russian tourists and their property. According to new statements, Germany refused to make exceptions for Russians who enter, so everything will be confiscated from them in a row.

Germany, one of the leading countries of the European Union, has decided not to allow exceptions from EU sanctions for Russian citizens entering its territory. This means that any goods subject to sanctions can be confiscated from Russian citizens, regardless of their intended use. The tough position of the country was confirmed in the response of the German customs to the media’s request.

Explanation of sanctions from the European Commission

The situation worsened after the clarification of the sanctions granted by the European Commission on September 8. According to these rules, entering the territory of EU countries on passenger cars registered in Russia is considered a prohibited import. What’s more, these restrictions apply to more than 180 product categories, including smartphones, laptops, and even consumer goods such as cosmetics, soaps, and women’s clothing.

The sanctions referred to by Germany are effective from the entry into force of the EU’s eighth sanctions package against Russia in October 2022. Since then, the list of products subject to restrictions has been significantly expanded, including smartphones, personal cars, and many other products. The representative of the European Commission emphasized that each EU country can independently decide how to implement sanctions. Germany decided not to make an exception.

The entry of any private car with Russian license plates is grounds for arrest

German customs have now openly confirmed that there are no exceptions — tourists’ cars will also be subject to confiscation. Indeed, German customs officials previously arrested several cars of Russian citizens, referring to EU regulation No. 833/2014. For example, such a case happened with a St. Petersburg woman who was returning home, but the German customs officials confiscated her car.

In addition, the German customs authorities emphasized that not only cars, but also other goods subject to sanctions can be confiscated and processed. “Untied their hands” Appendix XXI to Regulation No. 833/2014. As we remember, there are still many different products. “There is no general exception related to their personal use by persons entering from Russia,” the agency said. “The only exception to the embargo that is in effect is the permission for EU citizens and their family members to buy goods from the list of sanctions in Russia for personal use, as well as a similar permission for European diplomatic staff in Russia,” Russian media clarifies.

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