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Finland has tightened sanctions against Russian tourists

Finland has strengthened sanctions against Russian tourists with another rather curious ban: since last Friday, all checkpoints in southeastern Finland have closed entry to the country for Russian tourists on bicycles. This was announced by border guards at the Vaalimaa checkpoint. Some Russians, due to the impossibility of driving a car, began to resort to two-wheeled transport…

“Entry is prohibited from November 9 in the entire district of South-Eastern Finland,” they specified. As eyewitnesses in social networks added, Finland also duplicated the information with signs. At the crossing point of the Russian-Finnish border, there are road signs prohibiting the entry of bicycles, at the Finnish checkpoint, cyclists are informed about the new rules and sent back to Russia.

We will remind you that Finland became one of the first countries that confirmed the ban of the European Commission on the entry of Russians in their cars.

In addition, at the end of October, the Ministry of Defense of Finland decided to deny the Russians the purchase of real estate. Information about refusals appeared on the official website of the Finnish department on October 19. The decisions were approved by Defense Minister Antti Hakkanen and affected two objects in the city of Ruokolahti and one object in the city of Kitee, which were planned to be acquired by individuals and one company, all of Russian origin.

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