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European cities with the cheapest and most expensive hotels and restaurants

As the summer tourist season approaches, prices for vacations in Europe are skyrocketing, and it is becoming increasingly difficult for tourists to find budget options.

According to Travel Off Path, the increase in demand from tourists around the world has led to the fact that the cost of flights and accommodation is significantly higher than usual this year. At the same time, some studies indicate that prices have increased by more than 30%.

A recent study by the UK Post Office revealed the European cities with the lowest and highest hotel prices. To compile the ranking, 3-star hotels in the center of each city were evaluated for two weekend nights in June.

At the same time, it was found that prices for 27 of the 35 destinations included in the study increased by more than 50%.

5 European cities with the cheapest hotels in Summer 2023

1. Lisbon (Portugal) – $75 per night. Also, the Portuguese capital tops the list of the most profitable destinations according to many other indicators. Yes, a beer here costs an average of $2.79, a cup of coffee – $1.67, a three-course dinner, and wine for two – $48.

2. Athens (Greece) – $79 per night. Visitors can also count on affordable food prices in the Greek capital. For example, a three-course dinner with wine for two costs $50. Read our guide to Athens by following the link.

3. Vilnius (Lithuania) – $79 per night. It’s a great option for travelers on a budget, as the city also ranks in the top five for the cheapest food and most affordable cultural attractions. Admission to the city’s main museum is just $10.60, and a 48-hour pass costs less than $9. Read our guide to Vilnius by following the link.

4. Krakow (Poland) – $80 per night. Also, tourists can buy here a cup of coffee for $3, a bottle of beer for $3.30, and unlimited use of public transportation for 2 days for only $8.80. The entrance to the main museum of Krakow costs only 7 dollars. Read our guide to Krakow in exile.

5. Riga (Latvia) – $91 per night. At the same time, a cup of coffee in the Latvian capital usually costs a little more than 3 dollars, and a bottle of beer – 5 dollars. Public transport in Riga offers inexpensive 2-day passes for only $8.90.

5 European cities with the most expensive hotels in Summer 2023

  1. Amsterdam (Netherlands) – $324 per night.
  2. Venice (Italy) – $300 per night.
  3. Dublin (Ireland) – $277 per night.
  4. Florence (Italy) – $248 per night.
  5. Belfast (Northern Ireland) – $242 per night.

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