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Drinking alcohol has been banned in the most popular city in Turkey: named places and fines

The authorities of the city most popular among tourists in Turkey have made radical changes to the policy of alcohol consumption on their territory. We are talking about Istanbul, where according to the last decree of the governor, tourists and locals were completely prohibited from drinking alcohol in public places. Violations are subject to fines. Which locations are included in the “stop list” of the authorities, and what sanctions are threatened for drinking alcohol there?

What happened and why?

As noted by the Turkish media concerning the press release of the governor of Istanbul, this decision was announced in a circular dated August 17, 2023, but they started talking about it only recently. The document emphasized that the ban is aimed at preventing various unpleasant incidents in public places, which would not have happened if it were not for the drunkenness of the participants of the NP. Such cases are the majority in the practice of the Istanbul police.

According to the data, those who still violate this ban and consume alcohol in public places will be required to pay a fine of 617 lira, that is, about 855 hryvnias. at the current rate. The measures are designed to establish compliance with the new rules and maintain public order in the tourist city.

After the decision was widely discussed on social media, Istanbul Governor Davut Gül issued a statement in which he emphasized that the decision did not introduce new practical changes to the alcohol policy, but only reminded the obligations under Law No. 4250. The statement also said that the reason the event began with complaints of public order incidents came from a variety of sources, including district heads, social media communities, and ordinary citizens.

Let’s list where it is forbidden to drink alcohol in Istanbul:

  1. Public marine and coastal areas
  2. Beaches
  3. Parks
  4. Places for picnics
  5. Events

These public places are now subject to a liquor ban, except for businesses licensed to sell and serve alcohol.

In the circular, the authorities also reminded the current provisions:

  1. Sale of alcohol to minors (under 18) is prohibited.
  2. Retail sale of alcohol is allowed from 06:00 in the morning to 10:00 p.m. Exceptions are restaurants and other establishments that have a license to sell alcohol.
  3. It is forbidden to commit actions that may disturb the social order due to the consumption of alcohol.
  4. The sale and consumption of alcohol are allowed only at enterprises that have the appropriate license.

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