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A protest against tourist buses has begun in Turkey: tourists are encouraged to walk

A protest against tourist buses has begun in Turkey: a scandal was raised by residents of the island of Buyukada after 10 minibusses for tourists were delivered to the island by the General Directorate of Istanbul Transport (IETT). They were supposed to transport vacationers inside the island — but, as the Turkish press writes, the initiative group suggested that tourists walk.

Let us explain that Buyukada is one of the Princes’ Islands near Istanbul. The archipelago is connected to the city by several ferry routes, and purchasing an excursion is possible. The island is considered a popular holiday destination for Istanbul residents and tourists — there are many architectural attractions from the early 20th century, including Christian churches and a monastery, as well as beaches. And the main thing — the “trick” of the islands is that motor vehicles are prohibited there — only bicycles and electric cars are allowed.

That’s why a group of members of the Islands Citizens’ Initiative, which includes islanders, gathered for a protest in front of Clock Square to react to the 10 minibusses brought by IETT to Büyükada. “We don’t need minibusses on the islands for the sake of pedestrian islands,” protesters said. They recalled that the islands are a protected area of ​​the first degree and are protected by law.

The initiative group also noted that signatures against the innovation have already been delivered to the Istanbul Municipality (IMM), the Islands Municipality, the IMM Islands Coordination Office, and the IETT. “We encourage everyone to obey the law,” they said.

By the way, one of the arguments against the launch of buses, oddly enough, was also tourists. According to the initiative group, everything that makes the islands unique and special will be lost, and as a result, this area will soon become a place where tourists will not want to come.

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