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Disturbed the peace of the pharaoh? What happened to the TV presenter after he visited the tomb

Discovery Channel host Rami Romani said he was a victim of a mummy. Even doctors did not understand the cause of the mysterious illness that struck the researcher, reports Doctorpiter.

It is not worth angering the pharaohs and opening ancient sarcophagi – a lot of films with such a plot have been made. As a rule, adventures inevitably end in trouble for the curious. Surprisingly, a similar story was shared by the host of the Discovery Channel, the author of documentaries about Ancient Egypt, Egyptologist Rami Romani.

He filmed the TV show Mummies Unfolded. Rami told The Jordan Harbinger Show podcast that Pharaoh Akhenaten was the main character on the show. His tomb is located in the city of Amarna on the east bank of the Nile among the ruins of the ancient Egyptian city of Akhetaten. Rami Romani clarifies: Akhenaten worshiped the sun god Aton, and one of his sons was Pharaoh Tutankhamun.

During filming, Romani visited one of the 24 tombs that have been preserved in the Akhetaton necropolis. The TV presenter clarifies: he became the first person to find himself in this crypt in the last 600 years.

“We entered a tomb that hadn’t been opened for many years. They unlocked the door and the locals kept their distance at first to make sure there were no snakes or any curses. But we didn’t believe in any curses and just walked straight through stairs down. The tomb was endless. We continued to descend, and it was quite dusty there, and I breathed it all in deeply, “recalls Romani.

The inside also smelled strongly of bat urine. The TV presenter admits that an inner voice told him to stop advancing on the tomb, but he decided to complete the shooting as planned.

After filming, the presenter, along with the film crew, went to Cairo, but the next day he woke up with a temperature of 42 ° C. The man developed a cough with blood, he suffered from hallucinations. The doctors he turned to were perplexed: they had not observed such a combination of symptoms before and could not understand what it was connected with. As a result, the TV presenter was prescribed antibiotics. Four days later, Rami was on the mend.

The host claims to have never been as close to death as he is these days.

“Whether it was a mummy’s curse or not, something happened to me in this tomb,” says Rami. However, he does not deny that perhaps the mold, locked in the tomb for thousands of years, is to blame.

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