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Bali launches quarantine yachts and ships for tourists

The Bali authorities want to give tourists a feeling of freedom during their quarantine. To do this, officials organize so-called boring quarantine yachts and ships. Details were reported by local media, citing Tourism and Creative Economy Minister Sandiago Uno.

Indonesian officials have decided to take a creative approach to the issue of quarantine. Assessing almost zero reaction to the news of the opening of the resort island, the management of the exotic destination decided to meet the requests of tourists and replace the mandatory 5-day quarantine stay at the hotel for a similar time on specials and ships off the coast of Bali.

According to the Minister, the island has received requests from tourists and tour operators to replace the boring hotel insulation for a stay at sea, where vacationers can enjoy active recreation – diving and swimming. “This is especially important as the winter holidays are approaching from December to March,” he told an online news conference on Monday, October 18.

Meanwhile, Deputy Tourism Minister Rizki Handayani said her team is coordinating with the Ministry of Health to evaluate and certify ships booked by tourists. “Court operators have stated that they are ready and have no problem not mooring ashore for five days,” she said at the same conference.

The non-standard solution turned out to be beneficial for local business as well. For example, Ngadiman Sudiaman, CEO of a water transport rental company, told the Jakarta Post that the government’s decision would revive maritime tourism and bring back thousands of vessels and penises, traditional Indonesian sailing boats, and thus bring income to shipowners. “Demand is still low, but I am confident that this option can be an attractive alternative for foreign tourists, as they can feel the atmosphere of rest and freedom during quarantine,” Ngadiman added.

Bali launches quarantine yachts and ships for tourists
Pinisi is a traditional Indonesian double-masted sailing vessel

Bali’s international borders were reopened for tourism in 19 countries on October 14. Ukraine is not included in this list. In this regard, the island has yet to see the return of tourism to its former glory. Meanwhile, Bali’s deputy governor, Jokord Oka Arth Ardhan Sukawati, and the provincial tourism agency have set a modest goal of just about 250 foreign tourists visiting Bali this month.

Despite the rediscovery, travelers entering the resort island must provide a negative Covid-19 test result along with proof of vaccination and undergo a 5-day quarantine in specially designated hotels at their own expense. The Bali administration has trained 35 such special services in the so-called “green zones” and areas with a low incidence of coronavirus.

The Minister of Tourism reminded everyone that “we are in the midst of a pandemic, and we want to make sure that health and safety is our priority until the pandemic ends.” However, as soon as the epidemiological situation improves, Indonesia will consider opening the islands of Bali and Riau to vaccinated tourists without complying with mandatory quarantine.

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