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Something strange was captured by a webcam on one of the beaches on the island of Bali

A webcam on a Balinese beach captured something strange during Nepi, a holiday that is a day of silence, fasting and meditation, reports news.com.au

The photo, taken with a webcam, shows two people walking along an empty beach. Usually, such an image seems ordinary, but on this day it causes surprise due to the absence of other people. In Nepi, Bali, it is customary to turn off all lights and sounds, stop traffic, and avoid going outside to meditate and pray.

Locals and tourists usually observe these traditions, and shops remain closed and beaches empty. Local law enforcement officers, sadalangs, make sure that no one disturbs the tranquility of this day. The published photo sparked a discussion on social media about the importance of respecting cultural traditions, especially during significant events such as Nepi.

Something strange was captured by a webcam on one of the beaches on the island of Bali

Some social media users expressed outrage, arguing that the people in the photo had broken tradition and should be punished. Others suggested that the couple may simply have been unaware of local customs and did not want to be disrespectful. It has also been noted that Nepi’s rules may be interpreted differently in different parts of the island, and some locals continue to visit the beaches on this day.

“Tourists have already been deported for violating the rules of Nepi.” “I think attitudes to this issue vary across the island. I live in a village and the locals all go to the beach during the day and evening. I thought everyone should stay at home. But “This probably doesn’t apply to everything. It depends on where you are. As a tourist, I choose to stay within the confines of my hotel,” “Mind your own business,” and “Respect the culture, people,” commenters wrote under the photo.

There was also a general sentiment in the comments about the importance of respecting culture and tradition, reinforced by a video of tourists being kicked off the beach. However, it has been suggested that information from webcams may not always be correctly understood.

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