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A Russian tourist trashed a restaurant on the island of Bali because of unrequited love

The romance of a Russian man and an Indonesian girl ended sadly for the man and the Italian restaurant in Bali. Having learned that the beauty had left him, 40-year-old Vladimir K. decided to take revenge on the catering establishment for some reason.

As reported by Bali Express, a few days ago an angry man stormed the Capri restaurant, which is located in the popular Seminyak area. He had an ax in his hands, knives, and even scissors. Fortunately, no people were hurt, but the establishment itself suffered — the brawler damaged furniture, broke a display case, and damaged the stairs. After which he quickly left.

But this was only the first episode. A couple of days later, history repeated itself. Vladimir K. appeared on the threshold of the Capri again, and he was again armed with an axe. And again the restaurant’s interiors suffered.

This time the man’s act did not go unpunished; he was detained on the same day. Vladimir tried to deny his involvement, but his actions were confirmed by CCTV cameras, and the main crime weapon, an ax, was found in the trunk.

At first, the police were puzzled as to what caused the sudden outbreak of vandalism. But then, during interrogation, the Russian admitted: that unrequited love was to blame. Sometime before the first pogrom in the restaurant, his girlfriend abandoned the man. After this, depression set in, and Vladimir began to abuse alcohol, which ultimately led to a nervous breakdown. By the way, during the conversation with the police, the man did not reveal the name of his lover, saying only that she was a “Balinese girl.”

The Russian is now in custody and faces criminal prosecution. At a minimum, Vladimir will have to compensate for the damage he caused by his actions — estimated at 10 million Indonesian rupiah. Moreover, not only the Capri restaurant was damaged, but also some objects on the beach, to which the Russian also applied his ax. He did not explain why Vladimir took out his anger on these particular establishments. The police assume that they were all somehow connected with Vladimir’s affair with the unknown Indonesian woman.

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