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Amsterdam has released an online test to weed out tourists who disturb the peace of the city

The mayor’s office hopes the test will help reduce the number of visitors looking for loud parties and illegal substances.

The test includes questions about the desire to use drugs and visit the red-light district, for example: “Would you like to walk around the city with a joint in your hand?”, “Would you like to buy cocaine?”, “Are you going on an excursion to the red-light district with sex workers?”

A positive response will result in a message prohibiting such actions, such as: “This is now prohibited” or “We are sorry, but this is no longer possible.”

This is one of the measures taken by the city to combat tourists who come not for cultural recreation, but in search of entertainment with alcohol and drugs, who create noise at night, pollute the streets, and behave inappropriately.

To improve this situation, several measures have already been introduced in December 2023, including restrictions on short-term rentals and a ban on the opening of new souvenir shops in the center of Amsterdam.

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