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A New Zealand airline is launching sleeping capsules in economy class

The airline Air New Zealand has announced the service of convenient flights in the lying position in the economy classes of its planes on long-haul flights. It is about the launch of comfortable Skynest sleeping capsules, which are much cheaper to rent than to buy a business or first-class ticket.

According to the Daily Star portal, each capsule is a cozy cabin equipped with a protective curtain, bed, mattress, pillows, sheets, blankets, earplugs, a charging port, lighting, a vent, and a seat belt. In addition, the carrier provides a change of linen and cabin cleaning between sessions lasting about 30 minutes. Note that the sleeping pods resemble advanced shelves in the first-class train carriage, but only in the sky.

The cost of additional service for a 4-hour session is estimated by Air New Zealand at $400-$600. Passengers can book a capsule as an add-on to their ticket at the time of initial purchase, as well as at a later date or on board if seats are available.

Air New Zealand is still in the process of increasing the prices of all services, including its know-how, but Director of customer relations and Sales Leanne Geraghty has already confirmed the price tag for being able to sleep comfortably during the flight.

“Customers will be able to order it as an add-on to their ticket upon initial purchase. However, we are also working on the possibility of adding them to their tickets at a later date, as well as booking a shelf directly on board, subject to availability. These details are still being worked out and we look forward to sharing them as soon as everything is confirmed,” said a spokeswoman for the carrier.

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