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The stewardess told where the worst passengers actually sit

Flight attendants hate working in a certain section on board planes – and it’s not as obvious as many might think: it’s not crowded economy class and not a major first class at all.

An experienced flight attendant explained in her blog for Sun Online Travel that in fact, the worst passengers are often found in the premium economy section.

“I think it’s because the people sitting there expect more, and usually that’s something we just can’t provide. They think if they pay a little more, they’ll get cocktails and a large menu of food to choose from, but they only get a quick landing and a little more legroom,” explained the flight attendant.

According to her, it was in this compartment that she had to face the most tantrums.

“Economy class passengers know what to expect, just like those traveling in business class or first class. They understand that there are limits to what can and cannot be provided. But premium economy has the highest concentration idiots,” continued the stewardess.

She believes that the problem is that such passengers “pay too much attention to the “premium” part and not enough to the “economy” part.

According to her, there were cases when passengers in premium economy class asked her if she could mix them a Mojito or bring them a menu.

“This is an airplane, not a cocktail bar or a restaurant, and we’re not chefs, waiters, or mixologists. We care about your safety first, and people don’t seem to understand that all the time,” she added.

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