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The expert pointed out the most useful and cheapest fish

Capelin (Chaplain) is a small forage fish of the smelt family that lives in the North Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic Oceans.

It is recognized as one of the most valuable seafood. It is also an affordable product that occupies a leading position in the number of useful and healing properties.

According to experts, capelin is a tasty, healthy fish, available to almost everyone. It is fried, boiled, smoked and salted. Eating this fish helps to normalize blood cholesterol levels, increase immunity, and high iodine content helps to avoid some thyroid problems.

The benefits of capelin as a source of vitamin C, folic acid and thiamine is its ability to increase hemoglobin, normalize the functions of the gastrointestinal tract, improve appetite and have a tonic effect on the body.

Natural proteins, which are enriched with fish, completely saturate the body, but at the same time are well absorbed. Fish also contains almost all essential amino acids. The use of capelin helps to normalize blood pressure.

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