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The doctor named the conditions under which the body quickly gets rid of excess fat

Rapid weight loss and fat loss are subject to five rules that are highly effective only if you work together. Nutritionist Ruchik Batra told the details in the British press.

The expert named active life position and the presence of physical work and adequate sleep as important factors influencing rapid weight loss. This “cocktail” will not allow the production of cortisol – a stress hormone that provokes the accumulation of fat.

In addition, the normalization of the diet will help to lose extra pounds, which includes minimal consumption of fatty / fried foods, abstinence from sugar and even breaks between meals. Regarding the drinking regime, the expert reminded of the importance of water for the body: you need to drink three to four liters of fluid daily.

Only by adhering to all the conditions at once, the body will begin to get rid of unwanted fat. In other cases, the fight against excess weight will probably be one of the most frustrating, difficult and emotionally exhausting experiences.

Earlier, the DIP wrote that “Nutritionists have recognized black coffee as the best drink for weight loss.”

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