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Sirtuin diet or how Adele lost more than 45 kg: the diet allows chocolate and wine

Every year there are more and more diets that women follow, and the Sirtuin diet is one of the new ones. This is the diet with which the singer Adele lost 45 kg, and the diet is known for allowing the consumption of red wine and chocolate.

The Sirtuin diet was created by nutritionists Aidan Hoggins and Glenn Matten. They publish the book Sirtfood Diet: A Revolutionary Plan for Health and Weight Loss. It describes all aspects of the diet. It is this book that motivates the singer Adele to lose weight.

Over the years, the singer has been on a variety of diets, but when she came across the book by Clay Metten, she finally succeeded. The book explains that with this diet he can lose the desired weight.

What foods are in the diet?

The diet allows the use of lettuce, apples, citrus fruits, green tea, celery, buckwheat, walnuts, you can eat quality dark chocolate, unsweetened dark coffee, olive oil, strawberries, nuts, red wine, parsley, turmeric, cabbage.

The diet is divided into two phases.

The first three days of the week consume 1,000 calories. 3 strips and one meal rich in raw foods are allowed. From the fourth to the last day of the week, 1,500 calories are consumed.

It consists of 2 green strips and 2 dishes rich in raw foods. You can drink green tea, coffee.

The second phase is supportive, it lasts 14 days. However, you should try not to exceed 1,500 calories by adhering to permitted foods. At this stage, you can afford red wine and dark chocolate.

The creators of this diet are adamant that this is not a radical diet, but a healthy way to lose weight and may even become a way of life.

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