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3 reasons why your coffee causes acne

Coffee is one of the most consumed and loved drinks of millions of people. For many, a day can’t start without coffee, or it can’t end without drinking at least one more serving. Caffeine in coffee is an antioxidant known for its qualities and health benefits. According to researchers at the Hopkins Institute, caffeine has been linked to a reduced risk of heart attack, colon cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and stroke.

Despite all the undeniable beneficial effects of coffee, it can be a potential cause of acne. Exacerbation of acne and an increase in the number of pimples that appear on the face may be related to your favorite coffee.

What are the possible causes of acne in your coffee?

1. Contains caffeine.

Although caffeine is an antioxidant that is considered beneficial for the skin in the fight against inflammation and aging, it is still a stimulant. Thus, coffee increases stress in the body, and as one of the results is an increase in stress hormone levels. High levels of this hormone can worsen existing acne or cause it to appear.

Caffeine stimulates the secretion of androgens – male sex hormones due to high levels of stress. If you drink a lot of coffee, the body is more likely to experience constant stress. There is a link between high levels of caffeine in the blood and high levels of stress. This is evidenced by a 2013 study published in Stress and Health.

Caffeine also increases the level of another stress hormone – cortisol. This is one of the hormones that cause increased secretion of sebaceous glands, which leads to clogging of pores, inflammation, acne.

2. Added sugar.

If you drink coffee with sugar, it may be one of the reasons why you suffer from acne. Adding sugar to drinks and food is the basis for inflammation in the tissues. The more sugar you add to your diet, the higher the level of general inflammation in the body, including the skin. Constantly raising blood sugar levels by adding a teaspoon of sugar to each cup of coffee can pose a serious threat to health, an increased risk of developing diabetes, acne, hormonal imbalance.

3. Dairy products.

Many people prefer to add a variety of dairy products to coffee, especially fresh milk or cream. Your wonderful favorite cappuccino or latte can cause your acne. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, there are studies that show a link between lactose and acne. Researchers have estimated that women who drink two or more cups of coffee with milk a day have a 44% higher risk of developing acne in adulthood.

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