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The family stopped at the toilet and earned $ 2 million

The family from the US state of New Jersey decided to stop to go to the toilet, and broke the jackpot in the lottery, according to UPI.

The couple was returning home from a trip to North Carolina and decided to stop in front of a store in Germontown to go to the bathroom. At the same time, the store bought several lottery tickets.

“The cashier sent us to the ticket machine,” said the lottery winners.

When they returned home, the couple discovered that one of the purchased tickets had brought them a prize of two million dollars. “I could not believe that we knew all the numbers. I had to download the app to make sure we really won, ”the woman said.

The family traveled to Baltimore, Maryland, to collect their money. Part of the money the lucky ones plan to spend on debt repayment, the rest will go to savings.

Earlier it was reported that a resident of the American city of New Carrollton, Maryland, made a birthday present by buying several lottery tickets, resulting in a sudden get rich. The American believes that he owes the victory to the positive thinking that inspired him to talk to his sister.

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