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Hong Kong suspends all flights from India, Pakistan and the Philippines

According to the latest changes, Hong Kong has suspended all flights from India for 14 days from April 20 to May 3.

The Hong Kong government has reportedly suspended flights from India, Pakistan and the Philippines from midnight on April 20. All passenger flights from these three countries will now be banned from landing in Hong Kong for 14 days.

Referring to this, the government also issued a statement stating that these sites would simultaneously be classified as extremely high-risk Group A sites in accordance with the provisions on disease prevention and control (regulation of cross-border traffic and travel of travelers). This will limit the access of people staying in these places to board in Hong Kong. The suspension will last for 14 days.

Speaking in more detail, a government official said that confirmed cases involving the N501Y mutant strain were first detected in Hong Kong. This is the reason why the Hong Kong government has now applied the aforementioned 14-day suspension rules from places such as India, Pakistan and the Philippines.

A government statement said: “Two passenger flights (CX906) operated by Cathay Pacific, which arrived from Manila to Hong Kong on 14 and 17 April, confirmed the presence of Covid-19 on inspection upon arrival. Meanwhile, a passenger flight (UK6397) operated by Vistara, which arrived from Mumbai to Hong Kong on Sunday, confirmed the presence of the virus in three passengers based on the results of a check upon arrival.

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