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Turkey’s tourism is waiting for a new blow, under which buffet tables in hotels fall

Another problem with high prices threatens Turkey’s hotels and their buffets. This time the problem came from the local livestock industry. However, the problem is still the same — the general increase in the price of electricity, fuel, and therefore feed, of course, affected the industry. As a result, prices for meat and dairy products are expected to rise by at least 30-35% in 1.5 months. That is, by November, the cost of buffets in hotels will increase significantly. These costs will be covered by increasing prices for tourists.

This news is anxiously broadcast in the Turkish tourist media. At the moment, for example, they write that the recommended selling price of raw milk is 7.50 Turkish lira per liter, from which the producer receives 7 lire. According to producers, it is not profitable to sell milk for less than 10 lira – it simply will not pay off. As a result, farmers in Turkey began to slaughter livestock en masse and leave the agricultural sector.

At the same time, the same milk and dairy products for hotels are one of the main costs of their kitchens. They account for about 34.6% of all purchased products. As a result, any increase in the prices of milk and meat will inevitably affect the range of “buffet tables” and the prices for recreation.

Turkish representatives of the agricultural sector claim that prices will inevitably rise by November. As stated by Senser Solakoglu, the president of the Association of Dairy, Meat and Breed Cattle Breeders (TÜSEDAD), a very intense increase in the prices of meat and milk is predicted: “Costs are increasing every day. In October-November, both meat and milk will be increased by at least 30-35%. But the prices are the minimum – prices can soar much higher.”

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