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The European Commission is creating a channel to direct private aid to Ukraine

The European Commission has announced its readiness to coordinate the provision of humanitarian aid to Ukraine by private organizations.

The Commission is expected to collect data on the needs of Ukraine and the countries where most Ukrainian refugees arrive. Private donors will be able to provide a list of what they are ready to do at ECHO-private-donations@ec.europa.eu.

The EC clarifies that it will help in sending vaccines, tents, blankets, beds, medicines. It adds that donations will help avoid epidemics and protect the most vulnerable, especially children. Donations are expected to support the lives of refugees and internally displaced persons in Ukraine, including, for example, laptops.

The Commission and the country to which assistance will be sent will agree on which supplies are the most urgent. The EC will finance the supply. Donors whose proposals for assistance are approved by the Commission will receive a response with detailed guidance on action.

The first donations collected for Ukraine from around the world will be announced on April 9 as part of the Stand Up For Ukraine campaign recently launched by EC President Ursula von der Leyen and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

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