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The EU published a report on the compliance of Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia with EU legislation

The European Commission has published its analytical reports on the capacity of Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia to take on the commitments of EU membership, and shows how the three countries rank in terms of their compliance with EU law.

The latest report supplemented the conclusions on the three countries’ applications for membership in the European Union, adopted by the EU Commission last June, SchengenVisaInfo.com reports.

Earlier, the Council granted a European perspective to these three countries, as well as candidate status to Ukraine and Moldova, by the conclusions, which set out several priorities to be considered in this matter.

“The Commission assessed the level of convergence of EU legislation based on responses to questionnaires from the three candidate countries, as well as relevant information obtained within the framework of intensive dialogues carried out over many years under the Association Agreements, including Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Areas (AA /DCFTA) to assess their implementation,” the statement said.

It was also reported that all three applicants were judged on the same criteria, taking into account their own merits as well.

The Commission emphasized that the latest analytical reports provide insight into the ability of these countries to fulfill their obligations regarding membership in the European Union. Furthermore, the Commission notes that these reports offer valuable guidance for future work under the different chapters of the acquis.

According to the announcement on the official website of the European Union, it was also emphasized that the European Commission will continue to support these countries in this regard and bring them into line with the standards of the European Union, as well as with regulations covering all EU legislation.

In addition, the Commission also underlined that it would continue to report on the progress made by Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova to address the reform priorities identified in the Conclusions under the Enlargement Package, which is planned for the autumn.

In June of last year, the majority of the members of the European Parliament called on EU countries to grant these three countries candidate status, opening the way for these three countries to join.

According to a press release issued by the European Parliament last year, during a plenary debate with the French president as well as Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, almost all speakers called for the EU to grant status to Moldova, Ukraine, and Georgia. and some of them reminded the Georgians that their journey will not be short, as they need reform in this respect.

Earlier, Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal expressed hope that his country will become a member of the European Union in the next two years.

Ukraine gained EU candidate status at the end of last year, as did Moldova, and Georgia has been promised that candidate status will be granted once it meets all the requirements.

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