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Unmanned taxi launched in San Francisco (Video)

A subsidiary of Google Waymo, which specializes in unmanned vehicles, has launched a driverless taxi program in San Francisco. According to the manufacturer’s website , those interested will be able to ride the electric Jaguar I-PACE.

Although Trusted Tester runs in test mode, the company is moving into the future with “fully autonomous travel.” To participate in the experiment, you need to download the Waymo One application, in which you can leave feedback after the trip. However, it is forbidden to express one’s opinion publicly. Initially, the company conducted testing with selected passengers, but decided to expand the range of users.

Participants call the car through the application and indicate the place where they will go. During the trip, what happens on the road is broadcast on the screen in the car. There is also a button in the cabin, pressing which you can stop the car if necessary. The car was also prepared for passengers with “any level of mobility” by equipping a wheelchair space inside.

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