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Borders will only be open to fully vaccinated people. New rules in the USA

President Joe Biden’s administration officials said the United States will open its land border crossings to fully vaccinated foreigners in early November. This applies to land crossings and ferry crossings, notes Reuters.

Detailed rules in this area will be presented on Wednesday by the Minister of National Security Alejandro Mallorcas. “They will be similar, but not the same as those announced in September over the air,” said Reuters.

Borders with Mexico and Canada are closed to foreigners for 19 months. – Since the beginning of the pandemic, community members living on both sides of the border have been painfully affected by the economic consequences of the closure of land borders. “This pain will end soon,” Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer said in a statement.

American citizens returning home from Canada or Mexico were allowed to cross the border, which was closed to foreign citizens.

There will be no loosening of the rules

According to information obtained by Reuters under President Biden’s administration, the Department of Homeland Security is not relaxing the rules of President Donald Trump’s Asylum Order (Section 42), which prevents asylum claims from immigrants waiting at the Mexican-American border.

The exact date for lifting travel restrictions “will be announced shortly.”

Obligation to present a certificate

Canada allowed entry to vaccinated foreigners on August 9, Reuters recalls. After the restrictions are lifted, all volunteers, including tourists, will be allowed to cross the border into Canada, provided they are vaccinated. In addition, starting in January, the main group entering Canada, primarily truck drivers, will need to be fully vaccinated. The US government will not impose an obligation to present a certificate of vaccination every time. It will need to be presented at the special request of the customs and border authorities.

According to the air traffic rules announced on September 20, citizens of 33 countries must present a health certificate before boarding.

Those eligible for entry will be foreigners who have completed a full course of vaccinations according to the characteristics of the drug. However, this vaccine must be approved by the World Health Organization, Reuters concludes.

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