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Named the world’s cities with the fastest internet

Popular internet speed testing website Ookla (Speedtest) analyzed average mobile internet and broadband speeds in 200 cities in 179 countries to identify the world’s fastest internet cities. The rating took into account download and upload speeds for both mobile and broadband networks.

The leader of the list with the fastest mobile Wi-Fi was Ar Rayyan (Qatar), with an average download speed of 223.87 Mbps. The second and third positions are occupied by Dubai (UAE) and Copenhagen (Denmark) with 210.70 Mbps and 198.92 Mbps respectively.

Beijing, China ranked first among the cities with the fastest broadband Internet access, with an average download speed of 264.92 Mbps throughout. It is followed by Abu Dhabi (UAE) with 261.97 Mbps and Shanghai (China) with 232.08 Mbps.

Unexpected members of the list of cities with the fastest Internet were Valparaiso (Chile) and Bucharest (Romania), which bypassed Los Angeles (USA).

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