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The Michelin Guide began rating hotels using the “Key” system: you can get three keys in total

The Michelin Guide, the authoritative source of restaurant ratings, is now expanding its expertise to luxury hotels. The new rating system, “The Key”, has already rated around 200 hotels in France. Maximum score – 3 keys.

According to French media, according to the Key system, hotels are divided into the following three categories:

  • 1 key is assigned to private hotels,
  • 2 keys – exceptional,
  • 3 keys – for prestigious hotels.

As part of the first assessment, Michelin has already identified 24 hotels in the Three Key category, 38 in the Two Key category, and 127 in the One Key category. Among those receiving the highest rating are the famous Four Seasons George V and many palace hotels, as well as country establishments such as Lafauri-Peyraguey and Château de la Gaude, awarded two keys.

A special feature of the new rating is that it evaluates not only the basic amenities of the hotel but also other aspects, such as restaurants, design, and quality of services. The Michelin Guide cares about local flavor, individuality, and creating an unforgettable experience for guests. The development is being closely watched by the luxury hotel sector, which is eagerly awaiting how the influential ranking will impact business. It is assumed that the Michelin Key ratings, which have spread throughout France, will appear in other countries: in the United States, the announcement of ratings is expected on April 24, in Spain — on April 29, in Italy — in early May, and Japan and Korea — in July.

It should be noted that the luxury hotel market, where Forbes Travel Guide has been the largest player so far, now expects new competition from Michelin Key, which will undoubtedly add interest and new standards to the hotel business.

Information: The first guide was released in 1900 by Andre Michelin, one of the founders of the Michelin company. The guide was originally a list of various places that could be useful to a traveler: hotels, repair shops, eateries, or paid car parks.

Over time, the Michelin Guide has become an authoritative guide for rating restaurants. It is especially famous for its system of stars awarded to restaurants for high-quality cooking. A restaurant can receive between one and three Michelin stars: one star means “a very good restaurant in its category,” two stars means “excellent cuisine, worth a stop,” and three stars means “exceptional cuisine, worth a special trip.” Achieving a Michelin star is considered a high achievement in the world of gastronomy and can have a significant impact on a restaurant’s reputation and business.

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