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The best and worst cities in Europe for remote work have been named

Dreaming of working abroad, but don’t know where to go? Your search is over. A new study has published a list of the best and worst cities in Europe for those choosing to “work from anywhere in the world in 2024”, reports DailyMail.

Luxembourg, one of Europe’s smallest capitals, came out on top in the top 10 list, while no cities in the UK, France, Spain, or Germany cut. The worst city on the list for remote work was the capital of Greece, Athens, although it is popular among tourists. Other “undesirable” cities are Paris and Limassol, where a studio apartment will cost you $1,685 per month.

The rating compiled by Brother UK is based on an analysis of various factors:

  • Wi-Fi speed,
  • cost of renting an apartment including electricity,
  • level of security in the country,
  • general living expenses.

Taking into account the above, each location was given an overall score for the criterion “Is it suitable for remote work” on a scale from 0 to 100.

Luxembourg topped the list with a score of 68.04. It is followed by Olomouc in the Czech Republic (6427) and Rotterdam, the Netherlands, with a total score of 63.88. Rounding out the top five were Alborg in Denmark (fourth place, 63.84) and Reykjavik in Iceland (fifth place, 63.72).

The top six also included the cities of Utrecht in the Netherlands (sixth place, 63.61), Aarhus in Denmark (seventh place, 63.56); Eindhoven in the Netherlands and Pilsen in the Czech Republic (eighth place, 63.53); and Oradea in Romania (ninth place, 63.44).

“Luxembourg is six percent ahead of the second-best city, Olomouc. It also performed well in other metrics, with an impressive quality of life score of 192.9, a health index of 75, and a happiness index of 7.23,” the company noted.

Olomouc also received high praise. Here, renting a one-room apartment outside the center will cost you only $440 per month, and Wi-Fi costs about $20.

Athens was the worst European city for remote work, with an extremely low score of 50.34. They are followed by the Greek seaside city of Thessaloniki (second place, 50.87) and Belgrade in Serbia (third place, 51.94).

The ranking is completed by Patras in Greece (fourth place, 52.33); Limassol in Cyprus (fifth place, 53.29); Novi Sad in Serbia (sixth place, 53.39); Larnaca in Cyprus (seventh place, 53.78); Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina (eighth place, 53.9); Paris, France (ninth place, 54.21); and Lyon, France (tenth place, 54.58).

The best and worst cities for remote work in 2024

Top cities:

Luxembourg, Luxembourg;
Olomouc, Czech Republic;
Rotterdam, Netherlands;
Aalborg, Denmark;
Reykjavík, Iceland;
Utrecht, Netherlands;
Aarhus, Denmark;
Eindhoven, Netherlands;
Pilsen, Czech Republic;
Oradea, Romania.

Worst cities:

Athens, Greece;
Thessaloniki, Greece;
Belgrade, Serbia;
Patras, Greece;
Limassol, Cyprus;
Novi Sad, Serbia;
Larnaca, Cyprus;
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina;
Paris, France;
Lyon, France.

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