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Under increasing pressure, Abramovich’s yacht left the Turkish port

The superyacht of Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich Solaris, which arrived off the coast of Turkey in March to escape arrest, has left a Turkish cruise port under growing pressure from London-based Global Ports Holding (GPH), which is required to comply with British sanctions on Russia and personal sanctions. imposed on Abramovich. Probably, the liner has not yet decided where else to hide, as it dropped anchor in a bay near the resort of Bodrum.

Luxury luxury Solaris and Eclipse in Turkey arrived on the Turkish coast late last month in a bid to avoid Western sanctions on their assets. Eclipse stopped in the Mediterranean resort of Marmaris – this was shown by ship tracking data, and Solaris worth $ 600 million arrived in the resort town of Bodrum from Montenegro. Before that she was in Spain. The second yacht is now located near Yalikavak beach, located a few kilometers from Bodrum, where the ship has been moored for the past few weeks, the Guardian reported, citing the shipping service.

According to the same publication, GPH was pressured by the European authorities to refuse to service the Solaris liner, and legal experts said that the British company was “very risky” by allowing it to use one of its ports. A company spokesman declined to comment on why the superyacht left the port, the newspaper said.

Last Sunday, the company said that the mooring of Solaris does not violate the laws on British sanctions, because “the alleged violation occurred in a port outside the United Kingdom,” – said the British press.

GPH has decided “not to charge any maintenance or other fees related to the parking of this superyacht”, – said Reuters.

Built in 2021, the new 138-meter Solaris, designed for a crew of up to 60 people, has eight decks, a helipad, a swimming pool, a spacious solarium, bulletproof windows and a fully armored aluminum hull.

Abramovich, known as the owner of the Chelsea football club in London, is seeking to move his assets from Europe to more “friendly” countries after EU countries imposed personal sanctions on him and several other Russian billionaires after the war in Ukraine. The 55-year-old Abramovich, whose capital is estimated at about $ 13.6 billion, according to Bloomberg, came under sanctions from Britain and the European Union last month. This means that Abramovich is forbidden to do business there.

NATO member Turkey, which has established close relations with Russia in recent years, has refused to impose any sanctions on Russia or Russian oligarchs. European countries, including Italy and France, have already confiscated yachts, private jets and other assets from several wealthy Russians who have come under sanctions.

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