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In Turkey, it is reported that Roman Abramovich arrived in Bodrum to buy a hotel

News about a possible deal in the world of the hotel business is being discussed in Turkey: Russian oligarch and famous figure on the Forbes list, Roman Abramovich, arrived in the resort town of Bodrum with one goal, allegedly – to buy a hotel. Such data was provided by the Turkish portal Turizm Guncel.

According to the source, the billionaire is interested in the possibility of buying one of the tourist facilities in the resort province of Mugla on the Aegean Sea. Rumors were reinforced by the news that his Eclipse yacht was spotted off the coast of Marmaris.

The yacht, which for some time allegedly hid from confiscation by Western countries in favor of Ukraine, is one of the largest private superyachts in the world. Its dimensions amaze even experienced yachtsmen: the vessel is 163.5 meters long, 23 meters wide, and the cost of this “miracle of the sea” is estimated at a staggering 474,000 dollars.

It was also clarified that Abramovich chose the Amanruya Hotel in Bodrum for his stay. Sources suggested that this is where the negotiations and discussions of the future agreement may take place.

It is of great interest that the businessman does not leave his number, which is probably related to a detailed study of a possible purchase. For now, information about the specific hotel that attracted the attention of the businessman remains a secret, but it could become the event of the year for the Turkish hotel business.

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