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Tourists were scared to learn the fate of their coins, thrown “at will” into the world’s most famous fountain

“Will my wishes never come true” – this is how tourists commented on the video from which they learned the fate of their coins, thrown “on a wish” into the most famous fountain in the world. A video posted on the popular Reddit social network prompted tourists to joke about whether a coin-tossed omen would come true.

The famous Roman Trevi Fountain in Italy became the hero of the video. We will remind you that there is a tradition according to which you should throw a coin into the fountain with your left hand over your right shoulder and make a wish. According to some rules, tourists throw even three coins: if you throw one coin, it will ensure your return to the city, the second will bring the love of your life, and the third will bring you a successful wedding with her.

The video shows how, most likely early in the morning when there are still no crowds of travelers around the fountain, a group of men walks inside the drained fountain and scoops up piles of coins into large white bags. The European press quotes how many jokes the video generated.

“Is my dream not going to come true now?”, “Somewhere right now, a kid falls to the ground with the pony he dreamed about… But if you wanted a private jet?”, “Give me my money back!” – Tourists comment.

The answer to the question of where the money from the Trevi Fountain will go is known. According to local tourism authorities, employees of a special fund collect coins from the fountain, which is under strict supervision. All money goes to the Catholic charity Caritas Rome, which helps those living in Rome. The money, by the way, is considerable — on average, about 5,000 dollars a day or more than 1.6 million dollars a year.

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