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Rome’s Trevi Fountain raised a record amount of money in a year

In Rome (Italy), the famous Trevi Fountain collected a record amount of money in a year: according to preliminary estimates, tourists left coins worth 1.6 million euros in the fountain.

This was reported by the charitable organization Caritas, which manages the collected funds.

“We have yet to calculate the exact amount by exchanging coins of different currencies for euros. We are talking about a record amount of around 1.6 million euros. In 2022, we collected 1.43 million,” the organization said in a statement.

Employees of the Roman energy company Acea, which also supplies the city with water, collect coins from the fountain several times a week, depending on the season: during the high season, Trevi is cleared of coins almost every day. Once collected, the coins are sealed in bags and sent for sorting and conversion.

One and a half million euros in coins from all over the world weigh 33 tons, and per year the Trevi Fountain generates a profit exceeding the income of the average Roman museum. For example, the National Roman Museum earns just over 1 million euros per year.

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