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Tourists in Phuket will be deported for the offense

Phuket has launched a new system for tracking the offenses of foreign tourists. It is similar to the rules of football, where players are given red cards and removed from the field. This was announced by the Major General of the Immigration Service of the Thai province Prapansak Prasansuk.

Thus, a foreign tourist who violates the law will be shown a yellow card by law enforcement officers. The embassy of the country of which he is a citizen will immediately find out about this. The traveler will continue to rest in Phuket, but next time he will not be allowed into Thailand due to “unreliability”.

If during his vacation he breaks the rules again, he will receive a red card. This will lead to the immediate expulsion of the tourist from the country.

Meanwhile, Major General Prapansak Prasansuk did not say for what violations tourists would be shown cards. At the same time, he clarified that most often foreigners are punished for riding mopeds and motorcycles without a helmet, lacking a driver’s license, and also working in the local tourism business without official permission from the authorities.

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