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Sea water is boiling away and corals are dying: an island in Thailand was closed due to abnormal sea temperatures

In Thai Phuket, one of the islands was closed to tourists due to abnormally high seawater temperatures. The boiling of the sea led to massive bleaching and death of corals. We are talking about Pling Island in the Thalang region, reported The Phuket Express portal.

The head of the Sirinath National Park in Sakoo clarified that the island, surrounded by small corals, is temporarily closed to visitors. These measures are needed to prevent further destruction of marine organisms and give them a chance to recover.

According to experts, corals perceive strong heating of seawater, i.e., “boiling,” as destructive conditions: they displace algae and turn white due to stress from high temperatures. In addition, they are harmed by sunlight that penetrates seawater.

“Corals shed algae and lose their natural color, turning white when the water temperature is high,” the publication stated. The island will now remain closed until conditions improve to allow tourism activities to resume without risking the marine ecosystem.

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