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Tourists are advised to take photos of suitcases before the flight

What to do if your luggage is damaged during a flight? Don’t rush to get upset and spoil the impressions of the trip. Below is information about airline liability and some tips on what to do in such situations, reports Onmanorama.

Usually, luggage arrives at its destination safe and sound, but there is a possibility of it being damaged during the flight. Cases where baggage has been torn, cracked, or otherwise damaged fall under the definition of “baggage damage.” As standard procedure, most airlines specify in their instructions that valuables, money, jewelry, and electronic devices should not be placed in checked baggage.

Responsibility for damage to baggage lies with the airline

The airline is liable to the passenger for any damage caused to baggage. She must compensate the passenger for the damage and is also obliged to eliminate it. However, the airline is not responsible for damage if it was previously caused or caused by improper packaging.

Exception to compensation rules

Typically, airlines recommend that passengers exclude certain items from their luggage. If these items were included and damaged, passengers will not be compensated. Such prohibited items include electronics, cash, valuables, and jewelry.

Travelers can also take advantage of insurance for expensive items. However, airlines cannot avoid liability for damage caused to the wheels, handles, and straps of a luggage bag or suitcase.

24-hour deadline for filing complaints

If you discover damage to your luggage after your flight, file a complaint within the established time frame. The complaint must be made for domestic flights within 24 hours of landing, and for international flights, within seven days.

“When filing a complaint, provide as much information as possible. Photos of luggage taken before and after the trip will be very useful in substantiating the complaint and obtaining compensation,” airlines advise.

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