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The Turk boasted about the deception only Ukrainian tourists are subjected to

“Ukrainians are a gullible people, there are a couple of tricks that 99% of Ukrainian tourists fall for,” a Turkish guide recently shared on a tourism forum with such a shocking statement about how easy it is to deceive them. His revelations caused a storm of emotions.

The first thing the Turk highlighted was the thriftiness of Ukrainian tourists, which partly determines the behavior of our compatriots at foreign resorts. He even suggested that the reason for excessive gullibility is constant poverty, noting: “Ukrainians fall for tricks tied to lucrative offers.” For example, Ukrainians may be offered a room instead of the booked one, but with the words that it is more comfortable and expensive, but for the same money. “Ukrainian tourists are most often fooled by agreeing to a lucrative offer,” said the Turk. The new room may be the same or even worse than the original one because hotels rarely give away expensive rooms for nothing. But Europeans, on the contrary, usually insist on checking into the originally booked room, rejecting such offers.

Another trick concerns the purchase of gold jewelry. Naive Ukrainian tourists often buy Turkish gold at a price much lower than the market price, ignoring that the cost of gold is practically unchanged worldwide. “Cheap gold can be low-grade or even fake,” the guide warned. The situation is similar with leather goods and furs sold at discounted prices. As for Europeans, according to the Turk, they rarely buy luxury goods in the form of leather and fur, because they consider them the product of the senseless torture of animals.

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