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The world’s top travel experiences have been published

Kuoni used Google data to decipher which travel experiences are the most popular in the world, reports Tengri Travel.

According to Time Out, Manhattanhenge (also known as the Manhattan Solstice) takes the top spot with more than 1.3 million searches per year. This phenomenon occurs when the height of the sun perfectly matches the architectural grid of Manhattan, creating an impressive “skyscraper tunnel” during sunset.

In second place is the Venice Carnival, with 1.2 million searches, a 10-day mass festival that has been going on since the Middle Ages and includes elaborate costumes and processions. In third place is the Rio Carnival with 700 thousand requests, which attracts millions of tourists to participate in colorful street parties and samba parades.

Here’s what the top 10 best travel experiences in the world look like:

  1. Manhattanhenge, USA;
  2. Venice Carnival, Italy;
  3. Rio Carnival, Brazil;
  4. Day of the Dead, Mexico;
  5. Chelsea Flower Show, UK;
  6. Golden Week, Japan;
  7. International Hot Air Balloon Festival in Albuquerque, USA;
  8. Northern Lights in Lapland, Finland;
  9. Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany;
  10. Obon Festival, Japan.

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