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The rest of the Russians in Turkey was dealt a blow: the USA demands not to transport the Russians there by Boeings

The summer season of 2023 and the rest of the Russians in Turkey have been dealt a blow: the USA demands not to transport Russians thereby Boeings. According to Turkish media, citing, in turn, Forex News and the Wall Street Journal, a US official said that they had “warned Turkish citizens of the risks” they would face by violating the embargo against Russia. In particular, he stated that “providing American-made Russian aircraft with refueling and spare parts may be a violation of sanctions.”

The threats, it should be said, are serious. The Turks are being warned that they risk “prison time, fines and loss of export privileges” for violating US sanctions if they provide refueling and spare parts for US-made aircraft flying from Russia and Belarus.

This threat, according to the publication, was conveyed to Turkish officials by Thea Roseman Candler, the US assistant secretary of commerce for export control. The Turkish Foreign Ministry has not yet commented on the situation. American sources unequivocally called the situation “an important test” of whether the United States and its allies can isolate Russia in the long term, and whether the aggressor country can “find a way to maintain its economic activity, especially with the help of third countries.”

Judging by the experience of the previous story with “MIR” cards, when Turkish banks obeyed the American sanctions, and businessmen looked for unofficial detours for a long time, the prospects for the summer tourist season in Turkey are not too bright. To understand the scale: according to the data of the aviation and analytical company Cirium, only since October 1 and only Russian carriers have performed more than 2,100 flights to Turkey on American Boeings.

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